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Discover KYHA's Newest Bridal Collection: A Dreamy Elegance Unveiled, Illuminating Love and Style

Sunset Blvd takes center stage in KYHA's latest creation, as Founder & Creative Director Kyha Scott delves into the realms of individuality and light. Picture this: the iconic Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a canvas for boundless self-expression. This collection channels a rebellious spirit, introducing a captivating bronze chocolate color that shimmers under the Mediterranean sun. Embrace new silhouettes with soft draping that exude a contemporary vibe.

But that's not all—Sunset Blvd draws inspiration from the enchanting dusk light of its campaign shoot location, Dubrovnik. The stone walls of Dubrovnik, bathed in the glow of the setting sun, give birth to Sunset Blvd's two exclusive bespoke linear beading designs. Imagine the lush georgette fabric, a testament to Chosen's dedication to softness, seamlessly juxtaposed with the label's signature structured fit. It's like feeling the gentle sea breeze against the cliffs of the walled city. Exciting, right?

You can book in Houston to see the collection starting January 3rd before the dresses arrive in stores.

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