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Designer Spotlight: SAINT Bridal Couture

Welcome a new brand to the family - SAINT Bridal Couture!

SAINT Bridal Couture exudes elegance, femininity, and romance. The brand's exclusive fabrics, showcased prominently in each gown, feature dreamy tulle and intricate appliques, creating a textural yet ethereal bridal aesthetic. SAINT's gowns play with volume, texture, and subtle drama, catering to brides seeking a whimsical and contemporary allure.

We're super pumped about SAINT, and let me tell you why—it's like they've cracked the code to bring high-end couture vibes to the everyday fashion lover without breaking the bank. Picture this: you get all the glam and sophistication of those fancy, dreamy styles you see in couture, but at a price that won't make your wallet cry. It's like they've thrown open the doors to the world of luxury and said, "Hey, come on in, everyone deserves to feel fab!" So now, you can snag that high-end look without playing hide-and-seek with your savings. How cool is that?

SAINT, born from the mind of Michele Corty, is the stylish sibling to Rue De Seine bridal. Rooted in the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, France, SAINT draws from the charm and crafts of those historic lanes, while Rue embraces the jet-set bohemian vibes.

Now, here's the cool part—they both come to life in a New Zealand atelier, where every gown is uniquely designed, cut, and sewn. Exclusive fabrics add that extra touch of uniqueness to each piece.

Even though they have their own voices, both brands share a goal: to shake up the bridal scene, push design boundaries, and bring on the fashion-forward wedding vibes.

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