V A G A B O N D Trunk Show in Austin

Yay !! The 2020 collection from Vagabond will be in Austin this weekend !! Since this a new collection from our newest designer we thought we would use this post to introduce you to the brand and the gowns before you come see them in person. And don't forget about that sweet trunk show discount this weekend only !! xoxo

M E E T . T H E . D E S I G N E R

Vagabond Bridal is based in Cape Town, South Africa and this female boss babe designer is making waves here in the states and we are stoked to be part of it, as one of only 25 stockists of this line in the US so far.

The brand is a 100% female owned business, and have 100% female team - the business focuses strongly on female economic empowerment and ethical production practices. We love that !!

"In her own words, "Vagabond aims to embody the contemporary, strong and free-spirited woman that is becoming the pioneering female archetype in modern society. The Vagabond bride wants to look beautiful but not at the expense of comfort and wearability, she doesn’t need to be afraid to look and feel strong, yet feminine in her wedding gown".

We think that these designs are the perfect fit for the #unbridaledbride.

Schedule your appointment to check out the new collection in Austin here.

M E E T . T H E . C O L L E C T I O N

Pandora and Remy

Charlie and Moon

Roxanne, Isla and Lexus

Fleur and Lola


Anouk, Asher and Jasper

Persia and James

Aurora and Cyrus

Ella, Morocco and Homer

Gaia and Amara

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