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The Unbridaled Top Ten Wedding Gowns under $2000

Updated: May 3, 2020

Who doesnt love a good deal ?!? Weddings are expensive and any place that you can save a little money is worth considering. Right ? So today we are talking all about our favorite gowns under $2000. We will share images, tell you why we love them and give you all the details on why they are worth a try on. If you think you might love a couple of these budget friendly beauties and your wedding is taking place in 2020, email us to get more info about how you can try them on at home via an Unbridaled virtual appointment.

1. Carrall by Truvelle - $1770.00

Why we love this dress ...

The Carrall is light and looks great on literally every bust size. I know that is seemingly impossible but the wrap detail really gives a lifting effect that is super flattering. This dress is effortless and would be perfect for a beach wedding. The taupe lining rests underneath this off white gown creating a dreamy color contrast that would compliment so many bridesmaids dresses and floral visions. Ribboned lace covers a plunging, v-necked bodice with a criss cross tie in the back. Carrall is unique and sophisticated and she is a must try on for brides looking for a little something different.

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2. Palma by Rish - $1950