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FAQ: Sample Sale

Its that time of year again so we are re-sharing our post from last year with all the deets and FAQ's about the sample sale. In case you didn't know ... it is Sample Sale Sunday On December 11 at all 3 of our Unbridaled locations; so grab a snack and lets get into everything you need to know about shopping our bridal sample sale !! And at the end of this post if you're thinking a sample sale might just be your vibe ... well go on ahead and get registered right here bestie !!

Q: Okay, so what exactly is a sample sale ?

A: A bridal sample sale is an opportunity for brides to shop the samples of gowns that we have in the store in as is condition and at a discounted price. Instead of the standard bridal shopping experience where you try on the samples and order the gown new and in your size size; the sample sale is a cash and carry event where you take the gown home with you same day.

Q: How does it work with sizing for a sample sale ? What if the gown I like is not in my size ?

A: We purchase the samples in a range of sizes so its possible that you may fit right into some of them but in almost all cases, alterations/tailoring will be needed. In a standard bridal appointment your stylist will be using clips to aid in allowing you to get an idea of what the gown will look like once ordered in your size; but when considering buying a sample the stylist is going to want you to see how the gown is fitting without clips and help you to understand what is and is not possible in alterations.

Q: So a bridal gown purchased at a sample sale is not new ?!?

A: Correct. While the samples have never been worn at a wedding or altered in any way, they have been tried on many times so you should expect some signs of wear. We do our best to keep our samples in the best condition possible but there may be gowns in the sale that have lost a button or two or perhaps have a broken zipper etc. Again, your stylist can advise you on what signs of wear will be an easy fix in alterations and what things may require a more involved alteration process. It is super important if you are buying a sample sale gown to be sure to thoroughly examine the condition before purchasing.

Q: How do I know if a sample sale is the right kind of bridal shopping experience for me ?

A: Sample sale shopping is a little more fast paced and "bargain hunter" style. You need to be prepared to make fast decisions and to expect the brides shopping around you to be shopping that way too. Here is a list of some situations that really lend themselves well to sample sale shopping.

- brides with short lead times

- brides who get an adrenaline rush from snagging a great deal

- brides who may want to get a second look for their reception

- brides who are shopping with a limited budget

Q: This sounds rad !! What do I do to get an appointment ?!?

A: We are NOT scheduling appointments in advance for the sample sale. Brides and their guests can line up outside the store as early as they like and at 845am Sunday morning, one of our stylists will come outside and assign appointment times based on the place you are in line. The first appointment will be at 9am. Only the first 24 brides will be scheduled in for appointments so come early !! Dont worry if you dont get a scheduled appointment time; we will reserve an hour at the end of the day for all the brides who did not get an appointment to shop too !!

Q: Is there any other info or guidelines I need to know about ?

A: Yes. Shopping at our sample sales is a little different and we do ask that you and your guests follow some additional guidelines to make sure you and all of our brides get the most out of our sample sale. Here is a list of some of those guidelines or you can click here for more info.

- brides are allowed a 2 guest maximum

- only 3 gowns are allowed in the fitting room at a time

- only stylists will pull the dresses from the racks

- each appointment will be 45 min max

- no holds

If you have any other questions about our sample sale, give your local Unbridaled a call or just get registered here.

We cant wait to see you all of you future Unbridaled babes on Sunday !! xoxo

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