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Designer Spotlight: NEWHITE

So hear me out. You want something clean and modern but don't want it to be boring or too simple. Enter NEWHITE. They are the perfect brand for the bride who wants a chic and elegant and timeless look, but does not want to sacrifice feeling and looking edgy, cool and fashionable. I know that seems like a really hard vibe kind of wrap up into one dress but trust us, you need to see and try these gowns on to really appreciate them. The newest collection from NEWHITE features gowns made of this unbelievably luxe fabric that literally looks like liquid contouring your every feature and curve. The liquid satin options are giving everything that needs to be giving, quite honestly. It's fashion, it's modern, and it's all things bridal chic and obviously we think our brides will love it. Check out some of our favorite looks from the new collection and some best selling designs from them here. And if you're in love ... well we have a sampling from NEWHITE at all 3 locations of Unbridaled. Be sure to get your appointment scheduled here to try on in whatever city is most convenient for you. Can't wait to see all you #unbridaledbrides to be in NEWHITE !!! xoxo

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