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Bridal Trends for Spring

Spring is here and before we head to New York City for Bridal Market next week, we wanted to talk about the bridal trends that are here and look like they will be staying awhile and what we think might be new on the scene next season. Look .... we have said it before and we will say it again. Statement Sleeves are here to stay. Sleeves really can change the look of a gown and many of our designers will customize to add a sleeve so dont hesitate to ask you stylist what sleeve options may be available to you when you are shopping with us. Detachable sleeves are a great way to get two looks in one and honestly ... we are totally here for a little #twoforone moment !! Here a couple ideas that we are really loving right now in the world of sleeves.

We are loving the oversized puff sleeve look so much this season. It really is a great option for balancing out your body proportions and for making a real fashion statement too. And it does not get much better than the Kylo gown and detachable matching Tide sleeve by Rue de Seine as captured here by Jenna Noelle Photography at the Soulet Muse in New Orleans.

Here is another version of this sleeve style that is not detachable and is little lighter and more romantic from the most recent Rose & Williams collection by Tara Latour that our brides have really been loving. The Ellis gown is such a good option for brides who want a little something special and different on this classic figure flattering silhouette.

Sleeves really do come in all shapes and styles in bridal fashion so channel your inner fashionista and dont be scared to rock a sleeve on your big day. Here is some inspo of all the sleeve looks that we are obsessed with right now.

Another bridal trend we think will continue this spring is all over sparkle. Brides continue to really want that chic glam look and our designers are serving just that. We could not pick just one so here are a couple faves from each Unbridaled location. See something sparkly that you might want to try on ?!? Click here to make your appointment.

Accessories such as veils, headpieces and jewelry can really take a simple gown and style it into whatever aesthetic a bride is going for. The simple plain dresses have been on trend for several seasons now and the reason for that is due in part to the fact that really any accessory will pair nicely with them and so we wanted to be sure that you all had some inspo on that front too. Your stylist at Unbridaled is going to have so many ideas and ways to help your vision come to life so dont forget to accessorize the gowns you are loving when you shop with us so we can help you to complete your bridal look. Here are just a few things we are really loving from capes to veils to earrings and hair pieces.

We can't wait to share with you all the new looks were inspired by at market and can't wait to see some of you trying on these looks with us in our stores !! xoxo

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