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"I Do" in Rue

In honor of their nationwide sales event; we wanted to share some of our favorite ways that we have seen our real brides say "I do" in Rue de Seine and showcase the unique ways that some of our local photogs and planners have styled Rue de Seine gowns. And of course ... the most important little detail is that this weekend only we are offering 10% off any and all new orders on Rue de Seine gowns !!! Dont know anything about the brand ?!?! We got you girl .. grab a snack and some bubbly and get ready for all the inspo and info coming your way. Dont miss out on that discount and get scheduled to shop the event with us this weekend by clicking here.

Rue de Seine is easily one of our most coveted designers and we carry it at all three locations of Unbridaled. Fun fact .. Unbridaled was the first bridal store in the US to carry this brand !! And it has been a cult fave ever since. !! Rue is a great pick for the bride that wants to stand out and while their designs are most commonly associated with a modern bohemian aesthetic; there truly is something for everyone with this brand. We have pulled together some of our favorite Rue vibes to serve as a mood board and inspo for all you future Unbridaled Rue brides to be that are in major planning mode at the moment. And speaking of wedding planning ... dont forget to check us out over on Pinterest where we share tons of content of our gowns as well as accessories and floral and venue inspo too !!

NOLA styled shoot || Race & Religious

Photographer: Jordan Jankun

Dress: Cassian || Lennox Sleeve

D E S I R E E & A L E X

Photographer: Linka Odom

Dress: Little Rock

N I N A & A D A M

Photographer: Monique Juliette Baron

Dress: Nori

We really cant wait to see all the real brides wearing gowns from the Wave Rider Collection but until then here are some styled images taken in Austin of a couple of our faves.

Photographer: Hey Beloved

Dress: Jade, Caine, Cyrus, Cove


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