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Bridal Appointment FAQ's

While we are getting ready for our Summer Holiday Closure at all of our Unbridaled locations next week; we thought it would be a good time to have everything you need to know before you shop with us in one place and answer all of our frequently asked questions. We cant wait to see all you Unbridaled brides to be when we return on August 2 !!

**All locations of Unbridaled closed for Summer Holiday July 25-July 30

So you got engaged !! Congrats girl !! Now on to the dress. You have booked an appointment but are not sure what to expect ?!? We got you ... here are our most frequently asked questions answered.

Q: Do I need to know what kind of dress I want before I come in?

A: You definitely do not need to know what you're looking for before you come in. The bridal stylists at each location are good at what they do and are there to help you figure out what you want as you try things on. That being said, if you have pictures of gowns in your phone or saved to your Pinterest board; we would love to see them to help us get a feel for your personal style. We will shoot you a text the week of your appointment giving you a chance to share all that stuff with us ahead of your appointment and ask any last minute questions that you may have. Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email that contains a link for you to browse a sampling of the inventory at the Unbridaled location that you are going to be shopping in online. You are able to like and make notes about dresses that you see there, and your bridal stylist will be able to see the dresses and notes that you have favorited. The online portal is a good way for us to start to get a feel for the vibe you are trying to achieve with your bridal look.

Another place that is great for getting some inspo is the Unbridaled Pinterest page !! Give us a follow over there for all things wedding related.

Q: Do I need to bring shoes for my appointment?

A: Shoes are not needed at your appointment. We have pedestals for you stand on while you are in the gowns so that the dresses are not too long on anyone. Wearing heels during your appointment can make getting the dresses on and off take longer and it can increase the chances of a sample getting damaged as you are stepping in and out of the gown. If you have your wedding day shoes already picked out before you shop, you are of course welcome to bring them and you can slip them on with your favorite dresses if you want to see how it will look together.

Here's some of our most swoon worthy bridal shoes we have seen lately and if you haven't checked us out on Pinterest, do that and make sure to check out our board that is dedicated to all the wedding shoes we have major crushes on.

Looking for some places to start when it comes to shopping for bridal shoes ?!? Check out this helpful link from wedding blog, Bridal Musings.

Q: What kind of undergarments should I wear/bring to my appointment?

A: Most of our brides prefer to try the gowns on without a bra so that they can get a better idea of what each neckline and back of the gown will look like without the distraction of bra straps. Many of our gowns have built in cups and structured bodices so for most brides, no bra is needed on the wedding day either. Its best to wear a pair of panties that is a "no show" or "lay flat" style in a shade that best matches your skin tone. If you dont own anything like that, you can of course wear whatever kind of panties are most comfortable for you.

Here is one by Commando that we love that works great for trying on any and all gowns that we carry in our stores and is offered in a variety of skin tones. Link to shop here.

Wearing shapewear to your appointment is definitely a personal choice but if you think that its something you will choose to do on your wedding day, then trying on gowns in shapewear is a good idea. Especially if you are considering some of the very on trend this season, plain crepe styles. Trying on with shapewear creates a smoothing effect that will allow you to really consider the dress rather than focus on the unflattering effect that everyday undergarments can sometimes create. Here is a super helpful article with links for shopping shapewear from Wedded Wonderland. Check out some of our favorite modern and sexy simple crepe designs that we think would look best with some of the shapewear mentioned in the article.

Q: How many people should I bring with me to my appointment?

A: The answer to this can be different for every bride but we think 2-3 trusted opinions is the best number to shop with. Too many opinions can make the experience really overwhelming for the bride and sometimes it can make it harder for the stylist to narrow in on what the bride is actually liking when there are too many people there expressing their opinions. Video calls with some friends and family that did not make the trip in person with you are a great way to include everyone who is important to you and we are always happy to help you make that happen once you have narrowed your selection down to a couple favorite gowns.

Q: What if I want to bring more than 2-3 guests?

A: If you want to bring more than 3 guests its best that you call your local Unbridaled location and speak to someone directly about the accommodations available for that at the day and time you have booked for your shopping with us. Our space is a small boutique setting by design and we just want your shopping experience to be comfortable for you, your guests and the brides shopping around you. If a bringing a large group is important to you, we recommend considering booking a private appointment with us instead. More info on that later in this post.

Q: What about alterations?

A: While we do not to alterations in house at any of our locations of Unbridaled, we have established some relationships with local tailors that we trust and will provide you with that info while you shop and again, when you come in to pick up your gown. In your alterations appointment, you will make any needed adjustments to the fit as well as hem your gown and sew in a bustle. You will want to have made your shapewear, undergarment and shoe selections before you go in to have your tailoring done so its picture perfect for wedding day. Here are some of our favorite tailors.

In Austin we recommend Couture Tailors

In Houston we recommend Memorial Tailors

In New Orleans we recommend The Alteration Shoppe - 504-218-5994

Q: Why will I need alterations done if you are taking my measurements?

A: We get this question A LOT so here is some clarification on this when it comes to sizing and fit of your gown once its ordered. All of our designers provide a size chart for the stylists to use as a guide for what size to order based on bust, waist and hip measurements. While we hope your gown will fit you well once ordered in your size, there is a range of measurements for each size so there will always need to be some small adjustments made in alterations to ensure a good fit proportionally.

Q: I saw on the website you offer Private Appointments, what does that mean and how does that work?

A: Private appointments give you an opportunity to have the store to yourself as you shop. It also gives the bride the ability to bring a really large group of guests with her. We do these appointments on Sundays or Tuesday - Thursday schedule permitting and charge $250. This will include some light bites and champagne for you and your guests to enjoy while you shop and of course the super special feeling of having the store all to yourself. We think private appointments are a great option to consider if you are nervous about your appointment for any reason or if you think that you may take a little longer to find the right dress for you. To get more info or find out availability for a private appointment, call your local Unbridaled directly.

We hope this is helpful as you start your journey to saying yes to the dress !! We cant wait to shop with you soon and to get you excited, here is a little sneak peak at some events coming up at all of our locations of Unbridaled.

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