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All the things you need to know about wedding dress shopping at sample sale

We are getting ready for our fall sample sale at all 3 of our locations of Unbridaled so we thought we would give you all the info you will need to know if you are planning to shop with us on Sunday and show you just a sampling of some of the gowns that will be available. Not sure what sample sale is ?!? We got you, girl .. all your FAQ's answered right here.

Lets the start with the most often asked question we get:

Q: What is a sample sale?

A: A sample sale is when we sell our discontinued styles off the rack at a discounted price. Brides are able to purchase our samples in as is condition, try them on and take them home with them same day for a significant discount off of retail price.

Q: What size are the samples?

A: The sizes of the gowns we have in our inventory vary and the fit for each designer is very different so its best to come in and be ready and willing to try on anything you think you might like, and let your stylist help you visualize what may or may not be an option for you in alterations. Most dresses are street sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 - there are options outside this range but they are limited. The dress you love most likely won't fit perfect so be sure to come with an open mind and expect alterations.

Q: What can I expect the condition of sample sale dresses to be like?

Some dresses show wear and they may need to be cleaned or repaired. Most seamstresses can easily take a dress down about 4 sizes, they can add sleeves, remove beading, and really make the dress fit your vision. While none of our dresses have been worn, they have all been tried on many times so a little sign of wear is to be expected on every gown.

Q: What is the price point of a sample sale gown ?

A: Dresses in the sample sale are marked down to a minimum of half off of the suggested retail price. A sample sale gown can really be perfect for if you if you love a designer that is a little out budget for you.

Q: How does a sample sale appointment differ from a traditional bridal appointment ?

A: The appointments are shorter and you have to decide on the spot to take advantage of the full sale price. Dresses purchased at our sample sale will be taken home same day, so its good to be decisive and come ready to try on quickly and efficiently. This is why we typically recommend this not being your first time trying on bridal so you will be able to come into the appointment already knowing what you think works best for you and the kind of wedding you are planning.

Just to get you super excited, here a couple of our managers pics for their fave dresses in the sample sale for each store.




See you Sunday, babes !! xoxo

Houston and New Orleans still have some openings for the sample sale so book that here if you want to schedule an appointment.


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